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Railway transportation
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If you need to deliver cargo from point A to point B from any country, you can contact us and we will arrange delivery at an affordable cost and as soon as possible. We provide services in all areas.

Cargo transportation accounts for a huge percentage of all transport operations in each country. This situation has arisen due to the economy of this type of movement and the ability to transport products of different sizes and compositions.

Our features


We responsible for

  • execution of all necessary documents for cargo during customs;
  • delivery to the customer's address from the warehouse;
  • high-quality consolidation of transported products;
  • loading and unloading;
  • timely transportation;
  • cost optimization.

Accept products of the following types

  • placed in separate containers;
  • piece and container;
  • bulk.

We use the following types of rolling stock:

  • covered wagons;
  • containers;
  • tanks;
  • gondola cars.

Why we?

Eagle Asia

Our motto

"speed, cost, versatility, safety" - this accumulates our existing values as much as possible. All the characteristics and descriptions of them fully reflect our vision of partnership.

Eagle Asia

We guarantee you

Speed, cost, versatility, safety. To order international railway transportation to Eagle Asia (Eagle Asia) LLP, you just need to call the indicated numbers or come to the office. You will quickly find out the cost, the optimal route of the cargo and get answers to all your questions.

Eagle Asia

Our goals:
  • Reduce the time of movement of cars. When loading and unloading wagons is not more than 2 days;
  • Expanding the geography of implementation;
  • Increasing the supply in the domestic and international markets.

Advantage over competitors

Eagle Asia company specializes in organization and transportation various goods by rail. Company provides services in this area for more than one year, and we only work the best specialists with many years of experience. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and in order to improve, we organize the following events: transportation not only on the territory of our country, but also abroad. For several years of successful work, we have tried to develop logistics and expand your horizons. Only we have such a wide range of cars - covered cars, platforms, gondola cars. "Eagle Asia" stands out among your competitors ' flexibility in dealing with all issues that arise. The company has gained a solid experience and a good reputation in the field of transportation by rail. We will provide delivery of any cargo at moderate rates. Thanks to the developed infrastructure " Eagle Asia (Eagle Asia)» specialists will be able to ensure delivery of the cargo on time, without the slightest delays'.

We have accumulated a solid experience and are constantly trying to improve. The company provides transportation for any purpose, from production before shopping. We can provide you with several standard freight cars, you you just need to choose the right one.
"Eagle Asia" will take care of providing quality services for each client as quickly as possible. If you are interested in more information, contact the company's managers.

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